• Salon d’Hiver of the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters, Paris, France, 18th to 24th november 2022
  • Fate, destiny & self determination, Mississipi Valley textile museum, Canada, 1st october to 18th december 2022
  • Heallreaf 4, Sedbergh, Chichester et Birmingham, Angleterre, 19th may to 12th november 2022
  • Exposition universelle, Pavillon France, Dubaï, United arab emirates, 8th to 13th march 2022
  • Kate Derum award for small tapestry, Melbourne, Australie, 21th october to 24th december 2021
  • Salon des Arts-plastiques, La Rochelle, France
    Prix d’excellence catégorie tapisserie “Vol au Bostwana”, juillet 2021
  • Galerie des Gobelins, Paris, France, 2015
    Carte blanche,  group exhibition under the direction of  M.Philippe Borderieux