Fiber Artist

Vermeil medal of the French Academy Arts, Sciences and Letters

Passionate about thread since childhood, I held my first needle at the age of 5, encouraged by a grandmother with golden hands who passed on her knowledge.

In 2011, I discovered the Manufacture des Gobelins and its contemporary tapestries.

One year later, I join the Haute Lice workshop for four years of training that only reinforce my passion for this profession. Arriving each morning in this prestigious place, which since the 17th century has welcomed generations of silk workers, is a great source of pride.

In 2016, I obtained my diploma of artist licière then, I work on the installation and the weaving of splendid tapestries after contemporary artists such as Kiki Smith, Piere Antonuicci, Isabelle Champion Métadier or Alexander Tovborg.

Driven by new artistic projects, I created my workshop in 2020 to weave my own works, in search of realism as much as new textures. Indeed, I like to transform tapestry into sculpture and thus change the way we look at it.