Mélanie Cros, fiber artist

Médaille de Vermeil de l’Académie des Arts Sciences et Lettres

High warp tapestry

High warp tapestry is an ancient and noble art that combines a complex technique with a meticulous process. Mélanie Cros, a passionate tapestry weaver, masters this ancestral art, adding her personal touch to each creation.She weaves unique works that combine tradition and innovation.


Made to measure



Prix du jeune espoir de l'Artisanat d'Art


Diplôme de Médaille de Vermeil


Prix d'excellence de tapisserie


Her background

Passionate about thread since childhood, Mélanie Cros held her first needle at the age of 5, encouraged by a grandmother with golden hands who passed on her knowledge.

In 2011, she discovered the Manufacture des Gobelins and its contemporary tapestries : It was love at first sight.

A year later, Mélanie joined the Haute lice workshop for four years of training, which only strengthened her passion for this craft. Arriving each morning at this prestigious place, which since the 17th century has been home to generations of liciers, is a source of great pride.

In 2016, she obtained her diploma as a licière artist and then, having passed the French Ministry of Culture’s Technicien d’art competition where she ranked first, worked on the installation and weaving of magnificent tapestries by contemporary artists such as Kiki Smith, Pierre Antonuicci, Isabelle Champion Métadier and Alexander Tovborg.

Driven by new artistic projects, Mélanie created her Haute lice studio in January 2021.

There, she creates her own works as well as commissions, combining realism and texture.



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